We believe every client must compete on margin, not price in their market. And repeat that goal quarter after quarter, year after year.

It’s proven that all businesses can achieve incredible profits when they compete on margin and not on price.

You will always win if your margin is better than your competitors. A strong business foundation that can support rapid growth and scale is the ultimate goal.

We take responsibility for our client’s growth aspirations that come from a hands-on approach of increasing margins by empowering the organisation’s employees to change and leverage advanced productivity tools and practices.

We enhance your production, increase productivity, and deliver the results you expect.

Edgeview’s primary purpose is to enhance and improve your production, productivity and most importantly your prosperity. We focus our expertise on manufacturing, professional & medical services firms and services organisations with twenty to five hundred employees.

We are passionate about what we do because we enjoy the sense of achievement in doing what our clients asked for – make things better! We are successful when there is proof that your business is refreshed, productive, profitable and sustainable.

We know we have delivered the best possible result for a client when we can see a renewed passion for the business, and a sense of relief from our clients. This relief comes from knowing that they and their employee’s futures are secure, and the vision of their business is brought to reality.

Edgeview works with CEOs, Business Owners, COOs, CFOs, doctors, accountants, or lawyers now looking for the best way to serve their clients and enhance profit capabilities. We seek to develop a long-lasting and productive relationship with all our clients.

We can succesfully support and empathise with our client’s challeges because:

  • We have conducted firm-wide, division and teamfocused Lean and Six Sigma global projects.
  • We have established, leveraged and advised multi-product major global outsourcing hubs.
  • We have led large teams based locally, regionally and globally.
  • We have been engaged in establishing, developing, acquiring, merging and restructuring both large and medium sized businesses.
  • We have decades of direct business experience;
  • We have faced multiple economic cycles;
  • We understand the constraints of organisational hierarchies;
  • We understand the impact of poor employee engagement, and we have seen the amazing benefits of a fully engaged and empowered business; and
  • We know how to deliver visible, measurable control of risk, and continuous improvement through enhanced and innovative processes.