Our Approach

A systematic approach for Australian businesses to understand and measure progress.

“We developed a plan to massively increase productivity. The plan created capacity that was always there, nonetheless we just couldn’t realise it because of the day to day demands we faced. Now, we had a real strategy, processes and targets that delivered superior margins. With the same team, I increased my capacity and brought on more work. Now I compete on margin – not on price. I use my superior margin to not only pay myself more, I can focus on competing more aggressively by increasing marketing spend, hiring the best people, paying better remuneration to top performers and buying better technology.”

Businesses who seek our support, regardless of their size, profession or industry expect us to improve their profit by enhancing and improving their margins. The evidence that we have delivered on their expectations is very visible.

Our approach is to quickly and effectively determine the necessary changes across the organisation, explain why each change is required, how the changes will be made and how long it will take to make the changes. Often it’s agreed there will be a new focus and approach on five key areas: – corporate culture, strategy, productivity, sales, and execution of the process.

We need to know the story behind the financials. One of the key aspects of our approach is conducting extensive interviews across the whole organisation. We acquire a deep understanding of our client’s day to day operations. We discover how we got to where we are now and the true impact on the business. We suggest the best options to effect the necessary change to achieve the desired end state.

Edgeview regularly visits our client’s premises to ensure there is lasting change, employees acquire and develop new skills. We change the thought process through executive coaching – making sure the need for change is understood.

We place great emphasis on working hands-on across the organisation to dramatically increase sales, reduce costs, boost profitability, improve productivity, and strategically innovate.

To effect change and improvement, we bring new questions, experiences, insights, training and enthusiasm. We agree on a new approach, agree how we implement the planned improvements and deliver the changes as agreed.

Our consulting engagements are dictated by the needs of our clients and fall into three formats:

  1. Long-term business transformation and executive support – clients need, but don’t want to hire specific specialised skills and experience. After our in-depth review of our client’s organisation, we agree on a bundle of Edgeview’s services that fit the organisation’s current needs and desired destination. The client has a ‘The Bluebook’ to grow their business. Throughout the engagement, we support leaders and delegates to establish a lean and productive business model. We are focussed on increasing margins, whilst building a sustainable framework suitable for growth.
  2. Rapid transformation – a medium-term, high-intensity engagement focused on operations or business process transactional improvements. This type of work is often associated with small organisations/departments, or a need to quickly turnaround business performance. The improvement roadmap is often aimed at delivering specific business results, rapidly realising full potential, or possibly preparing for exit or divestiture.
  3. Targeted project work – short-duration engagements (three months) designed to address very specific business issues. Once complete clients will move to The Bluebook to maintain the improvements or continue to expand.