Business Examination Review

The best way for Australian businesses to start improving and sustaining high-performance.

$2000 + GST
A detailed written report identifying assessing your strategy, structure, systems, values, leadership, employees, and skills. Free for The Bluebook clients.

Once complete, the BER provides an organisation’s leadership with a specific roadmap and recommendations on what is missing or lacking in their business (practice group, division or functional department) to increase and sustain performance and bottom line business results now, and into the future.

The face to face time with the business’s leadership, employees and selected clients will take approximately two full days. The price to complete a BER is set out on our Pricing page. The fee for the BER is waived for our The Bluebook clients upon payment of their first months fee.

Benefits From A Business Examination Review

  1. Assess blockages currently affecting your vision and business objectives
  2. Understanding the type of culture that prevails, its strengths and weaknesses and the impact it is having across the business and each department
  3. Identify the reasons why some teams and executives are not delivering and executing the strategy as expected or as stated
  4. Review, define and improve key measurements & metrics to identify weak performance signals that will negatively impact the firm’s performance
  5. Receive information from a review of the whole process on targeted areas, not just the parts
  6. Review on the governance and assurance of the organisation’s risks
  7. Review on the current operating models and how they integrate and verification of performance
  8. Review of the integration of risk management in operations planning and management, regarding functions and workflow
  9. Ascertain what is missing or lacking in the business or with key performance areas;
  10. Evolve strategies and top priorities in real time to ensure a higher level of predictability of achieving your intended business results;
  11. Refresh practices that will help to determine the critical capabilities needed to successfully execute evolving strategies; and
  12. Build a business case and executive support to ensure successful roll out of any change or performance improvement plans.

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The BER Process

The BER is carried out within areas that are material for business performance, productivity, and longevity with an assessment of:

  • Strategy
  • Structure
  • Systems
  • Shared Values
  • Sales
  • Leadership Style
  • Employees
  • Skills

Once we complete the BER, we provide an immediate starting point for effective planned change.

Particular attention is paid to the organisation’s capabilities. We review the collective skills, abilities, and expertise of the organisation. We analyse the outcome of investments in strategy, staffing, training, compensation and communication. We review how people, processes and resources are brought together to accomplish work.

We appraise functional competence, such as technical expertise in sales & marketing, advisory, finance, or manufacturing. We review leadership’s ability to recognise how it sets direction, to communicate a vision, or motivate people. The organisational review covers culture.

Business Specific Report

After we complete the BER you will receive a detailed written report (Report) analysing the strengths and weaknesses identified across the material sectors of your business, as well as the insights from the employees and clients we interviewed.

The Report includes a suggested action plan, timetable and applicable strategies to achieve the organisation’s aspirations. This in itself is an invaluable tool for any business looking to grow and enhance any flagging areas.

Our clients value the Business Examination Review because:

  • They recognise the effort we put into completing a detailed analysis of their business, and the subsequent detailed Report they receive containing valuable insight and recommendations for action;
  • We spend time onsite with clients debriefing and explaining in detail the Report’s contents;
  • If needed, we can provide valuable industry insight and a level of support to our clients to ensure all the desired benefits are employed. We provide training and stress testing with our client’s employees.