Business Plans

We help you refine your ideas and strategies and arrange them into a viable business plan.

$700 + GST
A fully-personalized business plan that represents your unique vision and will help secure financing, avoid mistakes, and save valuable time.

A well-written business plan will ensure you can detail how you will achieve business success and give others confidence in your business. Your business plan describes your business, the market it operates in, its objectives and the strategies you have in place to achieve these objectives.

A well-written business plan:

  • Requires you to think realistically, objectively, and unemotionally about your business.
  • Leads you to question past and future assumptions.
  • Makes it easier to communicate planning objectives and strategies to bankers, partners, employees, financial backers and so on.
  • Help to ensure that all aspects of the plan are clear and integrated.
  • Is a reference point when determining the effects of alternative courses of action.
  • Allows you to identify any areas where you may need external assistance.
  • Allows you to plan the growth of your business and associated capital requirements.

Considering the above, business plans are an important document, often not attributed with the importance and significance needed.

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Writing a good business plan can be tough, laborious and boring. A business plan is important because most recipients of your business plan will see it before they meet you. Worse still – you know the intended recipient of your business plan has already seen hundreds of business plans – some of them brilliant.

We know from experience, the recipient will also form an opinion of your capabilities/seriousness towards your business based on the quality of your plan. Therefore, the standard of your business plan must be top notch if you are to impress, inform and ultimately receive.

What you can expect during the process

Under your guidance, we take full control of the business plan preparation process for you. We help you refine your ideas and strategies and arrange them into a viable business plan. We help you develop your long-term competitive differentiation, identify target markets, and plan for business scalability.

Importantly we help you express your business plan in a persuasive package – that is expected by your intended recipient.

Fully Personalised
We build all of our business plans from scratch to represent our client’s unique vision. Most importantly we make sure it will resonate with the intended recipient.

Get it Right the First Time
Funding is a one chance rodeo: either you succeed or you fail. If you fail, most investors/lenders won’t give you a second chance.

Develop a Winning Strategy
We go deep into the process and help you develop the most viable strategy for success, clearly communicated through a compelling business plan.

Save Your Valuable Time
Your limited time should be spent focusing on developing your products, customers, franchise and company.

Avoid Mistakes
We know what works and what doesn’t. We write your plan to match the audience and their expectations. A good business plan is the beginning of your efforts to build confidence in the recipient about your offering.

Work with True Experts
We’ve walked in your shoes and we understand what you’re going through. We review and approve business plans for a wide range of needs. We have deep and broad experience in creating and executing upon business models of all kinds.

One Contact – One Team
Our one point of contact approach avoids you having to repeat yourself or worrying that information will be missed.

Ongoing Support
We don’t stop when the business plan is complete. We have a talented team ready to help you implement it and embed full corporate support as detailed under our The Bluebook service.