Change Management Framework

Develop an environment that supports innovation and ensures all employees can thrive.

“When we first discussed using outsourcing, the team pretended to be enthusiastic and readily accepted the idea. Now, with hindsight, we can see they did their best to delay, and or stop the initiative. We made the mistake of assuming they would see the same benefits we did, and enjoy doing more of what they liked and less of the simple work.”

Without a clear message, employees fill the information gaps with worst case scenarios and negativity. And because we specialise in supporting professional services firms, small and medium-sized businesses, we know the impact of change can be amplified in smaller teams. Therefore, targeted, repetitive and detailed communication plans and employee coaching is paramount.

Often senior executives assume all stakeholders will recognise the benefits of the new processes, but the necessary stakeholder engagement never materialises. Organisational change management is a structured approach to support the organisation and its people through the transition from “the way we have always done things” to your future vision.

The benefits of planned change management

The main benefits of change management are as follows:

  • Your organisation is in a better position to be ready for change
  • Helps you implement a process to direct the required change
  • There is clear understanding by all why change is necessary and what it will achieve
  • Builds commitment to work together, to bring people with you
  • Identifies and reinforces that which is currently working to retain and entrench good practices
  • Agree on principles to establish how teams manage change across the organisation
  • Delivers change resulting in real improvements because the improvements were planned communicated and delivered as expected

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Supporting your change management processes

Because we are experienced in leading and supporting numerous large and small organisational change initiatives and their subsequent integration efforts, Edgeview confidently provides the following organisational change management services:

  • Change strategy development and planning
  • Leadership alignment and sponsor support
  • Stakeholder engagement and communications
  • Organisation readiness
  • Culture and behavioural change
  • Training and performance support
  • Benefits realisation; and
  • Ongoing capability to change (new culture)