Clean Execution

Empowering change to enhance production, increase productivity, and deliver prosperity.

“Companies fail for many reasons, the most common being the failure to simply keep a promise. Too often the best ideas for innovation, improvement plans and commitments to employees fall by the wayside. However legitimate the reason, a failure to execute agreed actions, to fulfil the corporate promise is the greatest impediment to an organisation’s success and sustainability.”

Edgeview has developed a measured process that ensures our clients execute their aspirations for their organisation. We use this process to assist clients to complete existing projects and leverage the benefits of our services and it is a way doing work that becomes part of their new ‘culture’.

Benefits of Clean Execution

Clean Execution enhances your organisation’s ability to achieve strategic leadership by ensuring it has an agreed model to:

  • Plan quickly and effectively by tapping into the power of diversity of knowledge
  • Ensure teams produce detailed plans based on individual accountability and teamwork
  • Explain by aligning and positioning your team to implement initiatives through proper communication techniques
  • Execute by creating execution urgency, which drives individual accountability
  • Facilitate team learning to identify and eliminate waste, adopting methodologies that delivers continuous improvement
  • Question your team on the outcomes, creating a culture of learning critical to adapting to a rapidly changing environment
  • Provide an arena requiring tangible results for employees to demonstrate leadership skills

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Edgeview’s Clean Execution model ensures clients take control of their execution obligations in a measured, systematic method.

The Clean Execution model is, therefore, applicable:

  • When developing your three-year strategy
  • When executing your strategy
  • Rolling out the agreed tactics to deliver on business goals
  • Implementing processes to ensure employees meet sales targets
  • Implementing business initiatives to improve client services
  • Re-engineering your business

Edgeview starts the process – keeps you informed

We work in tandem with our clients to deliver cost effectiveness, strategy enhancement and continuous improvement that sticks and endures.

Edgeview’s Clean Execution model relies heavily on a solid team foundation that comes from:

  • Clear, well-communicated business process improvement goals and standards
  • Engraining best practice and measures into firm wide policy & procedure
  • Review of lessons learned
  • Fundamental employee empowerment
  • An evolving vision of our client’s expectation and strategy

Clean Execution delivers scalable, strategic planning

This business process creates accountable actions that align to your firm’s evolving vision and strategy. Clean Execution is a simple, scalable continuous improvement process of plan, explain, execute, and question.

Seven interlocking processes ensure there is always forward momentum

Strategy: Recognise how you and your business operate within your business environment and how to map out a strategy utilising your strengths and points of leverage.

People: Essential qualities of Clean Execution are leadership, organisation, communication, understanding, experience and discipline. Executives with the right training and shared experiences will display the above qualities and most importantly, be role models to your firm’s employees.

Training: The adoption of knowledge management is essential to regularly share the firm’s lessons learned with employees who will benefit.

Principles: The foundation of executing as a team lies in clearly written and methodically communicated principles. Principles provide a common set of values and expectations that keep you on track and provide guidance when a plan breaks down.

Leader’s Purpose: Clearly explain your evolving vision and strategy. Clean Execution utilises agreed planning concepts and processes that ensure clear and rapid communication of the evolving vision and strategy and creates heightened responsibility across all sectors.

Evolving Vision: Position your company for the future. Leverage the vast resources of business intellect within your own organisation to develop a clear and persuasive progressing vision.

Clean Execution: Employ the simple, scalable continuous improvement process of plan, explain, execute, and question to create tactics that mesh with the organisation’s strategy and vision while learning and adapting in a rapidly changing environment.