Coaching for Leadership

Get the tools and feedback that will help you and your team perform at their peak.

“I pride myself on being a smart and accomplished business person. Yet on a recent business trip to visit a new client I suddenly realised I have been making a huge mistake. I had hired too many senior employees – I had employed managers and leaders. What a waste! Now I only employee leaders who can manage, or managers who can lead.”

Most importantly our clients want their leadership candidate to be able to train the next generation of leaders within their organisation. Clients want leaders who can identify and hire individuals with better skills and experience than their own. Because they know it will have a positive influence on their department, and that it will reflect positively on them. To be a department or company leader means you must have the courage to develop, lead and inspire an amazing team.

The benefits of Edgeview’s coaching for leadership

The immediate benefits to the Leader’s organisation is there will be a broader selection of employees to select for promotion. Most importantly, employees with a better understanding of leadership will better understand what their leaders need from them to ensure the success of the organisation.

Good leaders look for innovation and embrace change. Our approach to leadership is to encourage participants to start thinking differently and then act. It is more effective for your business to replace day to day managing with measurable processes – freeing and encouraging your leaders and their teams to:

  • Exhibit a desire to support each other
  • Remove the causes that affect good process
  • Continuously improve processes, production and client service
  • Communicate regularly and effectively
  • Learning to really listen and be patient will all employees
  • Have the courage to inspire each other to be better
  • Know it is always better to hire employees more capable than ourselves

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Our leadership training model delivers more than simply working with your best and giving them extra skills, or simply reinforcing what they already do well. There is little upside for your business or the candidate if we simply do that.

There must be an end destination or measurement providing the individual and the individual’s leader with tangible proof of efforts that have improved/expanded their leadership skills.

Potential candidates:

  • Business owners, CEOs, professionals and senior executives
  • Those who want to learn what it takes to become a better leader
  • Talented employees who are candidates in succession planning but deficient in their leadership and communication skills
  • Technically proficient individuals who lack the political will or savvy to both promote and gain acceptance for their ideas
  • Inexperienced executive/leaders whose development is paramount to organisational success
  • Established leaders who are approaching burnout and need assistance in balancing work/life or handling personal crisis
  • Employees who resist change because they know better, or who lack the necessary skills to motivate and empower subordinates
  • Strategic thinkers who want to plot new initiatives for their department or organisation

Edgeview’s organisation focused ‘Coaching for Leadership & Executive Performance’ provides the tools and feedback to assist you and your leadership teams to perform at their peak. Examples of areas that can be covered in our Leadership Coaching for Leadership Programs include:

  • Individual leadership styles
  • Successful leadership and what it looks like
  • How to lead high performing teams
  • Leading through times of change
  • Collaborative decision making and strategic thinking
  • Individual resilience and leadership
  • Demonstrating credibility and gaining commitment

Edgeview’s approach to leadership is unique in that we just don’t see the need for managers if you have leaders. Effective leaders develop and embrace systems that effectively manage and support change so they can take advantage of opportunities and minimise risk by:

  • Creating vision and executing strategy
  • Communicating and setting direction
  • Motivating action and engagement
  • Empowering people to deliver their organisation’s strategy

Building powerful businesses via expansive leadership

Edgeview’s approach is that good leaders replace the need for ‘managing’ with smart, efficient and measurable processes, policies and procedures. With the thankless and corrosive job of chasing employees and explaining the same steps over and over again removed, leaders now have the time to lead well, motivate, innovate and seek the opportunity to spend more time with clients.

Leadership, and leadership training should not be the exclusive realm of senior or high potential employees. Too often we work with employees who, until their promotion, have never had the opportunity to lead. The new leaders sometimes buckle under the magnitude of the responsibility and pressures from the expectation of leadership.

We work with leaders to develop the skills expected of a leader. We prepare them with the necessary skills to share what they have learnt with their colleagues. After the completion of their leadership training they can immediately start to develop and prepare their employees with leadership skills they have learnt.

Coaching for Leadership

Regardless of the size of your organisation, coaching for leadership and performance is necessary to ensure the organisation has a strong base to support continual change. We’ll arrange a meeting with you and discuss how you see things now, and what you want to see change. We know we can make the changes you or the candidate needs – we are doing it now for others.

Why we are effective in developing leaders

Coupled with formal training and real world experience Edgeview’s coaching engagement is very relevant, effective and profitable for each applicant.

Our approach to coaching and questions is forged from years of real business experience gleaned from complex business scenarios and unique situations. We have led small and large teams, virtual teams and high performing teams. Most importantly we have been in leadership positions and faced more than one ‘global financial meltdown’, recessions, regulatory breaches, strike action, poor employee engagement, toxic managers and grown and developed amazing executives.