Advanced Outsourcing Advisory

Start focusing on your key business activities and start utilising global skills and labour.

“Imagine if you could expand the capabilities of your best employees without increasing their hours or reducing the quality of their work. With Edgeview’s advanced outsourcing techniques, your business could double or triple the amount of revenue your best employee now delivers to your business.”

We have extensive experience in legal and business process outsourcing, honed over many years. We make the implementation of outsourcing simple, quick and seamless. You can easily apply productivity enhancements to your business from basic and complex outsourcing.

We work alongside your teams to provide the necessary instruction and training so you can develop a process that suits your particular business. The ability to do more with what you have now but in the same time frame is very profitable. Because the processes don’t require a corresponding increase in overheads, there is larger than normal profit increases.

You can increase the number of clients and transactions without the normal corresponding costs or delays of implementing expensive infrastructure. Your employees will be more engaged because you have outsourced the repetitive aspects of their roles.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing can bring numerous advantages to your business by:

  • Increasing employee morale through increased focus on complex tasks and time to innovate
  • Lowering your daily production costs
  • Greatly increasing your operating efficiency
  • Exploiting peak cycles without incurring permanent overheads
  • Freeing you to focus on your core operating areas
  • Reducing your need for new infrastructure and technology
  • Providing access to otherwise unavailable skilled resources
  • Tap into the pool of experienced local talent who choose to work from home
  • Allowing you to take advantage of time zone differences (especially in client services)

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We get you started quickly

With our advanced outsourcing methodologies, we immediately free up the time of your best employees. We strip out the low value tasks in their work-flow — leaving them to focus only on the high-value work. The same employee can do more of what they do best, more often and for more clients over the same period.

If you’ve thought about outsourcing some of your business processes but are not sure how to get started, contact us. We’ll take care of the whole process, finding the right providers for your business and adapting your processes to utilise external support. We’ll also make sure your business and communication systems are setup to ensure all employees embrace the concepts and understand the benefits.

Outsourcing is not just for big business

It’s now common for SMEs, law firms, accountants, and manufacturers to outsource various aspects of their businesses. In fact, it has become mandatory for organisations looking to remain competitive, with many of their competitors having already done so. Contrary to common belief, outsourcing isn’t always a matter of finding lower cost labour to deliver services or products. Some of outsourcing’s greatest benefits can be gained by taking advantage of outside specialists for the design, marketing, distribution, and other aspects of your business.