Process Re-engineering

We help Australian businesses increase productivity, establish environments that support innovation, and compete aggressively.

Your business is good, but you know it could be better. A lot better. Repeatedly dropping wads of cash on Google advertising is only a short-term fix.

“It was marvellous, even dramatic, how smoothly and effectively they were able to increase morale, increase profitability, and ensure I was back in full control—on my terms.”

After many years as a successful business, are your client service and retention rates starting to show some decline? Do you feel complacency has crept in? Do you feel innovation is now something that happens somewhere else? Perhaps you can’t quite pinpoint what needs to change because you are not getting clear, unbiased data?

To add insult to injury, key performance indicators are merely supporting employee complacency. You’ve discussed changing them, but the constant push-back and apathy has made it just too much trouble to pursue and implement the necessary change. Costs continue to rise, and you’re no longer certain if you know the true per-unit cost to produce your products and services.

Benefits of Business Re-Engineering

No matter what change your organisation mandates, our goal is to see:

  • A reduction in operating costs
  • You doing more with what you have
  • The removal of unproductive activities and processes
  • Employees understanding and embracing the need for continuous improvement

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Edgeview is the Best Way Forward

Engage Edgeview to implement the sound practice of business process re-engineering. Business process re-engineering applies targeted process improvement and enhancement tools and allows you to agree and develop a new measured environment that supports innovation. It provides new strength to your organisation to ensure you can aggressively compete without tension or the need to massively disrupt your business. Re-engineering your business processes can bring about improvements in productivity, cycle times, and measureable quality.

We start with a clean slate and find ways to deliver more value to your clients. Importantly, we agree and adopt a new value system that places increased emphasis on servicing your clients. Most importantly your employees are again motivated and empowered to innovate. This is a good thing!

Key elements of process re-engineering:

  • Understanding what the client values
  • Mapping and quantifying how the process has evolved to its current state
  • Challenging the current way of doing things – innovation
  • Seeking to understand best practices elsewhere – and not just from your peers
  • Defining a bold improved new and productive process
  • Creating a new model that reduces waste and provides clients’ what they want
  • Building an internal team of early adopters to effectively communicate and support change; and
  • Persisting—it takes time to create and embed change