Professional Services Re-engineering

Proven applications for professional service firms that will reorganise, rationalise, and immediately increase productivity.

“You’re an experienced, smart professional, an expert in your field of practice. You know you provide exceptional service and advice to your clients. However, the professional services business model seems no longer relevant. You and your teams are working harder and longer but your margins seem to be shrinking.”

So for health practitioners, lawyers, engineers, architects, and accountants (professionals) there is a real need to change and to adopt best practices often used outside of professional services.

Re-engineering & returning to profit a Professional’s business requires a different approach because of the historical legal structure of the business and profession specific leadership hierarchies.

Right now Edgeview is invigorating our clients’ business models. Right now we are helping our clients to secure new clients, enhance productivity, add new revenue streams, and increase profitability. Sound too good to be true? Contact us now and we can cover your queries in detail. We can arrange for you to speak to our clients – hear what we are doing!

It’s remarkable how rapidly we improve your business, people and margins

To be more competitive, productive and profitable, we place a new focus on service, innovation, and productivity. Edgeview will help you devise and execute a plan that includes:

  • Adopting Lean Six Sigma
  • Advanced outsourcing strategies
  • Developing a new or refreshed strategic plan
  • Implementing a balanced scorecard
  • Bespoke strategies to increase revenue per client
  • Agree and implement strategy focused key performance indicators
  • Reducing production of services costs
  • Implement employee remuneration – tying performance with incentives and bonuses

The best part of engaging Edgeview is we work with your employees directly to put in place all the agreed changes – you focus on your clients. We embed the beginning of a new business culture that embraces continuous improvement and creates an environment that rewards innovation.

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Together we move you to a more productive and profitable business model

With the growth of mega firms and their expansion into the once protected markets of medium sized practices, all business models must change. Proactive, innovative firms are striking back by rapidly seeking new ways to improve efficiency, reduce costs and deliver added value to their clients. The use of productivity methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma has emerged as a key tool to assist in delivering better service, improved processes and revenue enhancement. The aim is to reduce waste by systematically identifying errors, variations and inefficiencies in how your business performs.

Edgeview will ensure you acquire and effectively implement the necessary methodologies to meet the new market performance demands. With the adoption of new ways of working we will assist you in:

  • Reducing the length of time to complete a process
  • Reducing costs
  • Increase the number of new clients
  • Increasing client satisfaction
  • Increasing profits

We ensure you can meet the increasing pressure to expand the scope and volume of your services, while operating with a flat or shrinking budget.