Strategy Development

Let us help improve your business processes and design your organisation's future.

“Imagine if you were told there was a historical treasure of untold riches buried within a three kilometre radius of your business. To help you to find the treasure, you would be given the choice of either a shovel or a detailed map showing the treasure’s exact location.”

Strategy process and maintenance is essential to long term success. Edgeview makes the strategic planning process simple, yet structured – a good strategic plan will achieve the following:

  • Explain how your organisation will be successful in its market
  • Define the benchmarks for achieving success
  • Demonstrate alignment with your corporate values
  • Support uniform and consistent decision-making

Strategy is important because it establishes your firm’s value proposition which is why your clients chose you over your competitors. It also maps how your organisation will achieve success today and in the future to meet client expectations and market changes.

An effective strategy helps you engineer your organisation’s future—how and when you want it. You make careful, considered decisions about your business’s future direction. When Edgeview develops your strategic plan we ensure you have thought about and will know:

  • The results of completing an assessment of the external environment
  • That you have considered and understand your existing clients and markets
  • The best way to grow your business profitably, and the obstacles to growth you face
  • Who are now your strongest competitors
  • Your executives have the ability and resources to execute your strategy
  • The important milestones for executing the plan have been agreed and their expected dates
  • As much as possible, the critical issues facing your business, have been addressed
  • How your business will make money and how sustainable the model is for now

In the process of completing your three-year strategy you describe clear, persuasive targets with specific measures and rewards to motivate your employees. When your strategy is shared with those who will make it happen, they will be assured and more passionate about their jobs.

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Prepare and execute a winning strategy

We set up the process that will quickly engage the relevant employees to start the strategy process. We supply a detailed template and user guide. The process will be followed up by us until it is complete in a manner suitable for you.

Understandably, strategy preparation is quite often shunned or started but never finished. Too often the call is “we have far better things to do right now then take a few days off away from the business!” In today’s business environment, there is the constant drive to deliver quickly and everyone is short on time and money.

However, being “too busy” may actually result from an unwillingness by your executives to confront certain long-term issues, such as accessibility of resources, acquisition of new technology, coordination of personnel efforts, even questions about the company’s overall direction. Until such issues are finally addressed, precious time is lost for other urgent needs.