Our unique Discovery Workshop will ease you into the process of positive change. This is the first step to achieving the strong foundation your business needs to succeed.

Depending on the size of your organisation, our consultants will spend one, two or three days of intensive questioning and analysis with your executives to fully explore where your organisation is today. We use the data to prepare a detailed report to describe the business’s current status, and most importantly current and potential roadblocks.

The Discovery Workshop is the integral starting point to understand the catalyst of the impediments, problems and roadblocks – limiting, sometimes crippling an organisations growth, profits and negatively impacting its culture. We leverage the luxury of fresh eyes, seasoned experience and great questions to reveal what is working well, and what is not. It’s the first step to discover the ‘new reality’ of enhanced profitability for your business.

The Discovery Workshop is unique because the whole process is customised to your business. We engage in face to face meetings with the leadership team, selected employees and clients. Our process is thorough because we value your results. For our New Foundations Program clients, the Discovery Workshop is free.

A complete 360 review of the organisation uncovers all of the anchors preventing you from reaping the benefits of the growth opportunities available to your business. If you are ready to engage us, or want to start one of our month to month support services such as the New Foundations Program, we use these results to immediately start the transformation process to make, or return your business as you envision it. Dramatic changes are often experienced early, with improved margins and increased profit the end result of the recognised and agreed change process.

Once we discover and confirm your business’s strengths and weaknesses, we develop a dynamic plan for creating a solid business foundation. Together, we execute that plan to deliver higher margins, higher profits, a motivated, and engaged workforce.

The Discovery Workshop is an incredibly powerful tool for your business because:

  1. You will receive a detailed unbiased, written report that will form the foundation of the work we will complete to prepare your business for superior business performance;
  2. You will gain valuable insight in current roadblocks, and recommendations outlining the immediate actions required to clear those road blocks and improve revenue;
  3. You will receive a series of key benchmarks to monitor all improvements in the elements targeted for change and improvement;
  4. You will discover, or have confirmed what is not working well and is impeding the success of your business; and
  5. In addition to the rating on the effectiveness of your production, you will also receive a clear picture of your sales processes, sales team performance, sales methodology and examination of ROI.

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