The Bluebook

The Bluebook is a highly focused, hands on multifaceted end-to-end business improvement service.

“Why are some businesses making so much money right now? How is it they are adding more clients, yet their margins are not shrinking as they grow to accommodate the new business?”

The Bluebook has never been more relevant for companies and professional services firms. The marketplace is becoming intensely competitive, exacerbated by the drive from large international and national organisations now competing for small, local, and niche business . Larger competitors are leveraging their performance culture, business strategies, digital marketing strategies, productivity tools and outsourcing to compete in markets previously unattractive because margins were deemed too small.

We bundle a broad range of our services applicable to each client’s business and circumstance, supporting them in their offices on a month-to-month basis. The bundled services are collectively referred to as The Bluebook. We focus on three specific crucial elements: – people, process and production. We identify structural and efficient improvement for each element ensuring productivity improvements.

The Bluebook is flexible, we work on site with our clients who are medium and large companies and professional services’ firms. We support our clients to sell more of their products and services, to more clients, more often, at a sustainable price.

The Bluebook is a unique end-to-end business improvement and enhancement service. It’s designed to provide high-powered performance across the whole organisation, delivering stellar margins by increasing revenue and regularly lowering operating costs.

We work with our client on an ongoing basis to proactively entrench the specialised services they select (e.g. re-engineering, Lean Six Sigma, etc.). We provide continuous support and training as you adopt the new productivity focused initiatives and innovations such as leveraged outsourcing, to ramp up your sales, revenues, and profits.

The Bluebook’s benefits

To ingrain a culture of continuous improvement, we ensure clients embed new practices and skills into their organisation while simultaneously looking for additional opportunities to improve performance. The Bluebook empowers you to extract more value from your organisation by providing:

  • Regular onsite visits and calls to ensure change is being executed as agreed
  • Hands on training to employees who must grasp the use of the new processes and procedures that are going to drive productivity across your business
  • Together we prepare and implement a suite of new process manuals, policies, and procedures to remove the need to reinvent the wheel for new and existing employees and remove the drain on the stretched management resources
  • A culture where your margin becomes the number one focus—with a daily emphasis on its improvement through planned productivity
  • Trusted productivity tools to provide you and your leadership team with a unique view of operational performance
  • Revitalise your marketing plan and spread the need to bring in revenue across the whole team
  • Strategic planning workshops and templates
  • Application of a Balanced Scorecard* to enhance execution of your strategic plan
  • Processes to develop highly engaged, more productive employees
  • Advanced outsourcing methodologies to move further ahead on productivity
  • New key performance indicators to increase performance and enhance control
  • Free online dashboard. You can extract new insight from existing untapped data
  • Data management and analysis to ensure we can identify strained activities faster
  • The ability to swiftly take advantage of new opportunities

* A strategic management system used to align business activities to the vision and strategy and monitor organisation performance against strategic goals.

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Sales growth is brought front and centre for clients using The Bluebook.

We know being competitive and productive is paramount for you. We also know there is little point in adopting leading edge productivity processes in your business; without the addition of new clients and increased sales. We provide you with the support to leverage your enhanced productivity with a sharp new focus on sales productivity and marketing initiatives. No, not SEO or increasing your AdWords spend – although import, is not suitable without a broader strategy and accountability.

How is the The Bluebook unique?

The Bluebook is an ongoing strategy and productivity implementation service that supports you to attract and convert more clients for your business. Whereas many management consultants focus on implementing a particular theme or ‘model’ regardless of business type, — we focus on making sure you sell more products and services, to more clients, more often with a margin better than your competition. We work with you in your offices to bolster and improve your key processes in order to maximise revenue and profit year after year.

How will Edgeview’s The Bluebook benefit my business?

Regardless of the businesses’ current status, together we develop the best approach to deliver the leadership’s desired result. Below are some examples of the types of requests we receive:

  • I need a succession plan for my business, but I am having trouble empowering and building the next generation.
  • We need to prepare our business for growth – where do we start?
  • I want to adopt Lean Six Sigma – is my firm too small?
  • I want to add new revenue streams, but I don’t feel I have the support needed from my management team.
  • We are having trouble retaining good staff, and the staff we have been not the ones we now need.
  • We now need to revitalise our current business model – but as a professional services firm we are too busy working with clients, and our skills are specific to our profession. What is the best way forward?
  • Address employee productivity, because billing is up, profits are not.
  • Can your team help us address poor processes, increase firm-wide productivity?
  • We need assistance to implement employee engagement processes and empowerment – where do we start?
  • I want to start outsourcing relevant parts of my business, however, the whole process seems to be more trouble than its worth.
  • How do we implement outsourcing across our whole business? How do I train my existing employees to leverage the additional support?
  • We are using outsourcing now, but it is ineffective because there is an undercurrent of resistance and false support.
  • Increasing our client satisfaction scores seems like a good idea. We don’t record any such numbers now. How do we do that across the whole business?
  • Implementing individual and business-specific productivity measures and the applicable process are not common in our industry. How would we do it?
  • Developing and implementing a strategic plan appears to be the thing to do – we are too busy to do it. So, can you do it for us?
  • I need to now prepare my business reports and business model to seek bank financing – where do I start to ensure it meets the bank’s expectations.
  • Please help me to identify relevant business performance data measures other than financials then capture and analyse that data.

Monthly Fee (no lock-in contract)

We charge a monthly fee, paid in advance for clients who have signed onto The Bluebook because it limits your risk if you are not impressed with our service. If you wish to withdraw from The Bluebook you only need to provide us with ten business days’ notice.

The monthly fee may appear low for the value we are providing. Most clients expect to use The Bluebook for at least twelve to eighteen months. This is because the guidance, advice, support, application of onsite productivity initiatives and processes we provide are extremely effective and the best alternative to hiring full- time executives.

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Business Examination Review

The first implementation step to commence the roll out of the services agreed to be bundled under The Bluebook is a Business Examination Review (BER). Click here to learn more.