Empowering change to enhance production, increase productivity, and deliver prosperity.

Edgeview’s main purpose is to enhance and improve your production, productivity and most importantly your prosperity. We focus our expertise on professional services firms and small to medium sized enterprises.

We are passionate about what we do because we enjoy the sense of achievement in doing what our clients asked for – make things better! We are successful when we know their business is refreshed, productive, profitable and sustainable.

“We know we have delivered the best possible result for a client when we can see a renewed passion for their business, and a sense of relief because they know theirs and their employee’s future is secure, and it’s the future they wanted.”

No matter whether you are a CEO, doctor, accountant, lawyer or business owner looking for the best way to serve your clients and enhance your profit capabilities, we want to engage with you in a long-lasting relationship.

We are able to effectively support and empathise with our clients because:

  • We have decades of direct business experience
  • We have faced many economic cycles
  • We understand the constraints of organisational hierarchies
  • We understand the impact of poor employee engagement on your business and we have seen the amazing benefits within a fully engaged and empowered business
  • We know how to deliver visible, measurable control, and continuous improvement through enhanced and innovative processes

Therefore, our reason for getting out of bed each morning is to help organisations to change, innovate and to continuously improve. We know success will come to our clients if they know what is expected of their leaders, their employees are fully engaged, and continuous improvement is at the centre of everything they do.

Frequently Asked Questions


Our Vision
Our clients will always think of us first when they need to develop or enhance their production, productivity, and prosperity.

Our Mission
Our mission is to support our clients in achieving exceptional and sustainable improvement in their production, productivity and prosperity. Our measure of success is to be re-employed by our clients.

Our Values

  • Focus — Understand your priorities, never get distracted, and methodically refresh your objectives.
  • Client Satisfaction — Make each client a massive supporter, only agree to what you can deliver, and always deliver what you agree.
  • Relentlessness — Always inspire yourself, and your co-workers to a higher state of performance, speed, quality, completeness, and ultimately, competitiveness.
  • Respect — Be professional with every interaction. Treat all with the utmost respect, honesty, directness and follow through.
  • Accountability — deliver on your commitments, be transparent about progress and outcomes – own it.
  • Intelligence — out-think the competition. Constantly drive creative ideas. Listen for and bring the best ideas and practices to the company.
  • Open and Honest Communication — speak your mind and demand the same from all others you work with. Insist that bad news travels faster than good news. Listen well, entertain the ideas of others; always ask for feedback, then act decisively.

The Principals

Mark Badger, Dip Ed, LLB, MBA

Founder and Partner of Edgeview.
Mark’s main focus at Edgeview is the implementation of The Bluebook— a premier service designed to help leaders of professional service firms and organisations understand, embrace, capture, and extend their businesses potential. The Bluebook is known for improving the results and value of successful organisations and building on their strengths and addressing needed change.

Throughout his career, Mark has led and developed many teams and departments. Mark has led international teams ranging from 2, 20, 60 and 450 employees – he brings that broad knowledge to Edgeview’s clients.

Mark is experienced in operational improvement programs, acquisitions and integrations. Mark has been involved in the use of outsourcing and the application of Lean Six Sigma services for over a decade. Over his career Mark has supported small and large change management initiatives, and the accompanying change management communication strategies.

Mark has led virtual teams, he understands the responsibility placed on those who lead from afar and the necessary approach to be effective.
In engaging and advising businesses, Mark has developed innovative cost effective processes that increased firm-wide productivity, delivering positive client feedback and revenue.

Dan Peters, MBA

Founder and Partner of Edgeview.
Dan is an experienced financier with a decade of experience successfully guiding and supporting the growth and financial robustness of his clients. Dan now brings this invaluable experience to Edgeview.

Dan’s deep client experience now ensures he understands the complex needs of new and established business owners and leaders in managing their cash flow, productivity, financing structures and growth expectations.

Throughout his career Dan has encountered businesses at various stages of their corporate lifecycle. This knowledge was used to massively increase business sales initiatives and enhance lending and equity strategies.

Dan’s ability to bring structure and planning to business is greatly appreciated by Edgeview’s clients. The ability to quickly identify internal impediments to a client’s business is one of Dan’s most respected skills.

Most of our clients depend on Dan’s deep understanding of how professional services firms and SME’s operate, ensuring their business model is sustainable and easily understood by potential lenders.

Dan is experienced in performing valuation analysis using various methodologies and assisting in the review of client’s presentation materials for use in investor/lender meetings, covering topics such as strategic alternatives and corporate finance.


  • David Carr
  • Sahba Saint-Claire
  • Paul Jurie
  • Andrew Gerry

The Edgeview Advisory Board

The Edgeview advisory board is a select group of independent people who provide non-binding strategic advice to the Directors.

The advisory board enables the Directors to have access to strong, executive experience in local and international business elements such as sales & marketing, simple & complex finance, productivity, agriculture, import/export, start-ups, and stewardship.

Our advisory board is a mechanism to ensure the Directors are continuously learning, have access to external wisdom, with a focus on keeping abreast of cutting edge developments and remaining relevant to our clients.