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Edgeview’s The Bluebook Pricing

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$3,700 / monthFor organisations seeking strategic planning and execution support, new productivity strategies, enhanced B2B client prospecting, and continuous improvement of their margins.Get Started NowContact Us
Business Examination Report
Free Online Dashboard & Support
Strategic Plan Review
24/7 Help Desk
Data Insights & Analytics
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$5,700 / monthFor leaders facing relentless completion, ready to join others to use productivity as an edge, massively increase sales, increase margins, and implement a culture of accountability.Get Started NowContact Us
Everything in Basic, Plus:
Implementing Advanced Outsourcing
Lean Six Sigma Application
Employee Incentive Plan Design
Strategic Objective Plan
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$27,900 / monthFor large organisations seeking to dramatically increase sales, deliver best in class productivity, effortlessly flex capacity to follow business cycles and continuously improve margins.Get Started NowContact Us
Everything in Standard, Plus:
Organizational Design Review
Change Management plan
Advanced Pricing Review
Client Service Program
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Monthly Pricing (no lock in contract)
$3700 + GST
$5700 + GST
$27900 + GST


Business Examination Review
Edgeview’s Online Project Management Portal
Designing Mission and Vision Statements
Strategic Planning
Change Management Framework
Critical Chain Project Management


Working Culture
Employee Engagement Analysis & Improvement
Employee Work Design
Design Employee Incentive Scheme
Leadership Coaching
Executive Coaching


Organisation Design Review
Management Work Design
Build & Implement Balanced Scorecard
Organisational Efficiency Management
Business Process Reengineering


Leverage Exclusive Core Capability Strengths
Lean Six Sigma & Theory of Constraints Productivity
Total Quality Management
Performance Measures & Analytics
Advanced Outsourcing


B2B Prospecting Sales & Marketing
Client Data Management
Client Service Program
Satisfaction and Loyalty Management

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